What is ADAS?

ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems is technology placed in vehicles to automate driving systems that enhance safety and driving experience.
These systems are seen or felt through lights on the vehicle, vibrations in the seat or automatic corrections that will allow the system to take control of the vehicle.

Collision Avoidance

Controls your car’s speed and brings the vehicle to a complete stop if an obstruction is detected

Blind Spot

Detects if a vehicle is in your normal blind spot to help you make safer lane changes

Emergency Brake Assist

Controls your braking system for you if it notices you are not fast enough to brake yourself

Adapted Cruise Control

Regulates speed and distance from vehicles

Pedestrian Detection

Helps detect unnoticed people moving or about to move around your vehicle

Adaptive Lights

Allows the headlights to adapt to conditions in the environment by increasing your visibility

Lane Departure Warning

Helps drivers maintain their position within their lane to eliminate accidental lane drifting

WHY choose us?

We know the environment of this industry and the changes that you must adapt to.  ADAS systems are not going anywhere and your need to provide the customer with the best quality repair and safety is paramount for us.
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