Our Services

We coordinate tow-in services and also drop off times once the vehicle is complete. We allow for scheduling over the phone (760) 884-3908 or through our website for maximum convenience.

Every vehicle calibration receives an electronic file accessible through the cloud server that will include the following:

  • Photos of the calibration in process
  • Procedures
  • Alignment Verification Reports
An ADAS calibration cannot be completed without a test drive. We will provide a full report on the performance of the vehicle in your documentation.
The calibration process includes an alignment verification for the vehicle.
Our facility uses to most current hardware and software to calibrate. We maintain a controlled environment that is beyond compliant with OEM standards and provide all documentation needed showing the ADAS system were calibrated correctly.

We perform a pre-calibration vehicle diagnosis scan that creates a report for you showing all DTC, prior issues, and ADAS systems on the vehicle.

We also perform a post-calibration health check which ensures that all ADAS modules on the vehicle are functioning properly.

We program all replaced ADAS modules on your vehicle as well as any that we removed and reinstalled.
Before beginning the Calibrations on the vehicle we will clear all applicable DTC codes. If these cannot be cleared we will work with partners in order to try and clear these codes to allow the ADAS calibration to be performed.
Our easy scheduling system and support will help you get the quality repair you are looking for in the time you need.

We look forward to working with you.